sábado, 2 de abril de 2011

Tip para la mesa II

Aca va otra idea sobre como doblar servilletas!

"The bishop's cap"

Servittenfalten Bischofsmuetze1. Open the napkin and put it with the wrong facing outwards on the table.
Servittenfalten Bischofsmuetze2. Fold the lower edge to the upper one to create a top opening bag.
Servittenfalten Bischofsmuetze3. Fold the left top corner to the centre of the bottom.
Servittenfalten Bischofsmuetze4. After that fold the right bottom corner to the centre of the top to get a rhombus.
Servittenfalten Bischofsmuetze5. Turn the napkin 45 degree in clock-wise direction and than turn it up so that the triangles are on the backside.
Servittenfalten Bischofsmuetze6. Fold the rhombus in half to the top. The points of the triangles should overlap the bottom.
Servittenfalten Bischofsmuetze7. Fold the upper edge of the right hand triangle towards you.
Servittenfalten Bischofsmuetze8. Turn up the napkin and stick one corner in the other. Finished is your bishop's cap.

Video explicativo!

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